Castor Oil: One Of The Best Natural Laxatives

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "castor oil"Whenever you think about cooking, the first thing that comes in your mind is oil because you cannot make anything without oil. It seems to be the most important ingredient that you can have. It is not only needed for cooking but it is also needed for doing other activities as well. Every oil has some properties that make it different from the other. Due to their properties, the demand of various oils has increased in last few years. Many of the oils are also used for doctoral treatments and for carrying out other therapies as well.

Castor oil is one of them and it has many uses. It has many anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties that made it so famous. The castor oil laxative acts as the natural laxative and helps in curing the digestion related problems. With the help of oil, you can have massages and therapies. The oil is warm in nature and it penetrates deeply inside the layers of your skin. It provides deep warmth to the skin which heals all the pain from your muscles and makes you feel relaxed.

Benefits of castor oil

  • This oil is very beneficial for your face; it helps in reducing the signs of aging. Mostly when the age increases, wrinkles starts coming on your face due to which your face starts looking dull and loses the beauty. So, with the help of this oil you can reduce all the wrinkles from your face and get flawless skin. This treatment is much better than expensive ones. The oil will help in rebuilding all the dead cells and will produce collagen which is the important protein for your face. On the other hand, it also works as a moisturizer and keeps your skin moist. It also prevents your skin from dryness and other environmental problems.
  • This oil is also beneficial for expecting ladies. It helps in inducing the labor pain and is considered as the best remedy. It is given orally to the pregnant ladies and is being used from a number of years. In fact, now it is clinically proven and is used by many doctors. It helps in speeding up the uterus contractions and the reason behind this is acid. In oil, ricinoleic acid is found that activates the receptors in uterus. Although, it is helpful in delivery but due to the discomfort caused by them, they are used less.
  • You can also use the oil for makeup and with cosmetic products as well. With the help of this oil you can have homemade mascara. The mascara made of castor oil will help you in increasing the thickness of the eyelashes and will make it shinier. Mascara will not only highlight your eyes but will also enhance your beauty. It is made by burning the vegetable like coconut oil and by mixing some herbs in it. In fact you can also make it with the help of coco powder or charcoal powder. Take one spoon of powder and mix it with beeswax. Apply the mascara before sleeping and as the time passes your eyelashes will become bright and dark.

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