Latest Usages Of Lavender Oil: Few More Reasons To Use It

R├ęsultat de recherche d'images pour "lavender oil"Do you know what lavender oil is? Of course you do. It is the most widely used essential oil on the planet. There are more than 50 already known usages of this essential oil, but there are some new ones, researchers have discovered. If you never had a need to use this essential oil, now you will have.

  1. Reduces scarring and rashes

Lavender oil has anti-bacteria and anti-fungal benefits, but at the same time, it can help you reduce the size of a car, if used on time. Only small amounts should be used. In addition, treating rashes with this essential oil is possible as well.

  1. Helps you with dry eyes

Not a single essential oil can come in contact with your eyes. These oils are strong and powerful, but your eyes are sensitive, therefore eye contact must be avoided at all cost. Buy, lavender oil can be used for helping you with dry eyes. Obviously, here is the main problem amount of tears. Applying one drop, below the root of your nose will promote tear glands to produce fresh tears.

  1. Use it for chapped skin

All combined benefits of the lavender oil have an astonishing result on the chapped skin. You can even use it on the lips, where the skin is dry and etc. In a matter of fact, there are no limitations here.

  1. Can treat earaches

We all know how much earache is annoying and problematic. The newest treatment for them is lavender essential oil. You will have to apply it behind your ears and below your jaw. The first improvements are sensed immediately.

  1. Kills bacteria that cause a bad odor

We all know that lavender essential oil kills bacteria, but did you know it also kills type that causes a bad odor? We will have to specially put accent on this benefit. The main reason is the fact some bacteria, depending on their cell membranes are immune to the conventional treatments. Lavender oil works on a completely different principle. Its molecules can penetrate the membranes in question, and kill bacteria from inside! As such, it is the most effective alternative for killing bacteria, all kinds of them.

  1. Re-grow your hair

Losing your hair may be one of the most problematic issues in your life. Although, there are a lot of treatments, not all of them are fully helpful. Lavender essential oil has certain chemicals that may promote hair cells to produce new hair. Apply the oil a few times per day and wait for results. You may have to wait up to 3 months in order to get some visible results. The time, needed for you to get visible results depends on the type of scalp and cells.

The main point is that lavender essential oil is extremely safe to use and it is suitable for people who cannot use conventional medications, due to their conditions or other issues.

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