The Tea Tree Oil and Its Hygienic Benefits

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tea tree oil"There is no question about the benefits of having good hygiene to one’s life. Good hygiene can keep your body clean at all times. Looking clean and feeling clean can make a person good-looking as well. Good hygiene can also save you from embarrassment. You would likely be the talk of the town if you have bad breath, if you smell bad, etc. which is embarrassing.


Most of all, good hygiene can prevent illnesses from attacking you. Bacteria and other microbes thrive well in dirty environments and if you fail in having good hygiene, they can penetrate deep into your body and cause you to feel ill.


How Tea Tree Oil Contributes to Good Hygiene


Acts as Deodorizer


Smelling good is very important in hygiene. Smelling bad could mean, there is bacteria already in your body. The tea tree oil has a very strong but refreshing smell. This is why, it can be used as a deodorant. This oil can ward off bacteria from your body so that even if you are sweating from a very active day, you are not going to smell bad but you will still smell fresh.


In fact, this oil also has anti-perspiring property that lessens sweat production in some areas, contributing to lesser possibilities of bacteria formation. Aside from your body smelling good, this oil can also be used as a foot deodorant. If your foot sweats most of the time, you can apply this oil so that sweat can be reduced, bacteria can be warded off and free your feet from foul odor.


Promotes Oral Hygiene


It can be such an embarrassment if you have bad breath. Bad breath can be caused by bacteria forming inside your mouth, especially if you are not regularly brushing and cleaning your teeth and mouth.


Tea tree oil can promote good oral hygiene because of its antibacterial property. It wards off bacteria in your mouth, thereby making your mouth clean all the time. When there is no bacteria plus the fresh smell of the oil, your breath can smell fresh all the time. You can use this oil as mouthwash and as a toothpaste to clean teeth stains.


Acts as Facial Skin Cleanser


The appearance of acne and pimples, blackheads, etc. on your face can be a sign of poor hygiene. This could indicate that you may not be cleaning your face well as dirt have penetrated into your pores. Tea tree oil can be a very good facial cleanser that not only cleanses your face but prevents future acne outbreaks.


Tips to Reap the Hygienic Benefits of the Tea Tree Oil


Use 100% tea tree oil


If you want to have good hygiene with the use of tea tree oil, make sure that it is really 100% tea tree oil and not mixed with other ingredients or else it may not give you the hygienic benefits you expect to reap from it.


Use Organic Tea Tree Oil


Reaping the hygienic benefits of this essential oil needs not be at the expense of your safety. Use only organic oil or tea tree oils without chemicals in it.



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